John Guerra, junior class president at Cary Academy (six minute video)

The lessons that Mr. Goldberg teaches you go well beyond the scope of the classroom… [Students who attend TLC middle school] will be under the care and guidance of one of the most intelligent, inspirational, and caring men that I have ever been around in my life.

* * * * * *

Abigail Larus, freshman at Duke University:

Mr. Goldberg’s class was my first high school class that asked me to filter through the bias of the media and draw connections from history to things happening in today’s world. Mr. Goldberg sends his students a number of online articles —  some are about the historical events being discussed and others are modern news articles. I had already been actively using the internet in my everyday life, but I had never had a teacher directly incorporate the use of search engines and online resources into his curriculum. Mr. Goldberg’s innovative multimedia curriculum meant that I was more involved, because I was learning about real things, things that mattered to me, instead of dry events out of a textbook. The skills taught in Mr. Goldberg’s class are among my most useful in college, because they enable me to think for myself and find applications for what I’m learning.

* * * * * *

Kendra Levin, a long-ago student who wrote in a thoughtful email

You were so passionate about history’s complexity and you really wanted us to take an intelligent approach to its study, to be curious and probing instead of memorizing names and dates… 

The kind of critical thinking you wanted us to learn… applies to everything, from knowing how to filter the media we watch and read, to forming one’s own opinions about news and politics, to keeping an open mind about differences between people.

(Click here to read the entire email)

* * * * * *

From the parent of two students Steve worked with recently:

Your global current events class has been very good for my 9-year old daughters. They are reading the news much more and are becoming more aware of different issues.  Each of the girls read different articles about mining this week (silver mining in Bolivia and gold mining in Nigeria) which led to a discussion about mining in West Virginia which then led to a discussion about mountain top removal there as well.  They were shocked to see the aerial photographs of the mountains.

* * * * * *

Read a detailed article about TLC middle school from Duke’s student newspaper, The Chronicle.

Beginning in August, middle school students of the Triangle Area will have the opportunity to pursue a new and more personalized learning experience…

(click here for the entire article)

* * * * * *

Read an article about TLC middle school in the Durham Herald-Sun:

DURHAM — Steve Goldberg doesn’t want to call it a school.

“A school, I think, is a place where we used to go when information was scarce and you couldn’t get it anyplace else,” he said.

So instead, Goldberg is opening what he calls the Triangle Learning Community.

(click here for the entire article)


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