Summer Camp — July 8-12

Empathetic Global Citizenship — Learning from the daily news

Living in the United States, it is easy not to realize that less than five percent of the more than seven billion people on the planet live in the US. To learn about our world, we will spend time each morning for a week reading, discussing, and analyzing major news events from around the world. Students who do not come with their own laptops will be provided with a laptop computer to use during the class.

Topics we discuss as a group could range from environmental concerns to politics to social issues. What we discuss as a group will depend on what’s going on in the world and what students find interesting.

To work on writing skills, students will spend about 30 minutes at the end of each class writing about the article or issue they found most interesting.

Our aim is to develop a deeper sense of the issues that face our world today and to learn how to empathetically communicate with others. The content of the curriculum for this class will depend on the major world events going on during that week of news, but the skills students will learn will include:

  • reading a reliable news source on a daily basis
  • writing a blog entry at the end of each class to summarize what the student found most interesting about the day’s events.
  • broadening geographic literacy by locating each article that students learn about using Google Earth (a free online tool)
  • listening to classmates share what they learned about the world from the articles they read (not all students will read all the same material)
  • speaking in class discussions
  • conducting sophisticated research to gain context

In addition, students will learn about:

  • science concepts to understand such issues as climate change and various environmental concerns
  • math skills to put statistics in context
  • history skills to put events in historical perspective

Age group: 10 to 17

Group size: up to 16

Dates: July 8-12

Time: 8:45 am to 12 pm

Cost: $100 for the week, but with a sliding scale and scholarships — we want a cross-section of Durham.

Location: 1014 Watts Street, Durham, NC  27701

To Apply: download the TLC Camp Application and email it to Steve Goldberg at this address: MrGoldberg [at]

About the Instructor:

Steve Goldberg, Founder and Principal, Triangle Learning Community middle school, Durham, NC.

After teaching middle and high school for more than a dozen years, Steve Goldberg decided that our schools need to change. Students are capable and need to take more ownership of their learning — given responsibility and support, students can do amazing things. To hear and read what some of Steve’s former students have said about his teaching, please visit the testimonials page of the website of Steve’s school, Triangle Learning Community.

After teaching high school for six years, Goldberg earned a law degree at Georgetown Law School to study the question of who owns information in a digital age. Goldberg is a “Double Duke” graduate, earning a Master of Arts in Teaching degree as well as an undergraduate degree in public policy studies. Most recently, he taught world history for four years (2007-11) at Cary Academy. He also taught the entire social studies curriculum at Camelot Academy in Durham (grades 6-12).  Before that, he was was Lead Technology Teacher at The Potomac School, a prestigious K-12 school just outside of Washington, DC.


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